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adia i do believe i've failed you

adia i know i've let you down

friends only
zooey ; was it something i did

comment if you want to be added
if you are here because you like my icons, please, don't friend me, friend my icon journal colorsdontgo

My Communities;
houselims - Round 6 up and running

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zooey ; don't talk about chances
01-09: Zooey Deschanel
10-21: Veronica Mars
22-30: Tin Man
31: Atonement


here they are at colorsdontgo

Major Hiatus
zooey ; don't talk about chances
So I'm going on a major hiatus.
I'm super busy at school and I haven't checked lj in the past month.
So yeah, I'm gone... maybe not for good, but for a while.

I'll miss you guys ;D

Friends Cut
zooey ; don't talk about chances
Ok, so i did my friends cut today. I cut people who a) didn't fill out the poll; b) i didn't feel like i clicked with; c) haven't posted in a really long time; or d) deleted their journal or moved journals. So basically, if you filled out the poll, you're still here. if you didn't, you might need to check. I kept some people who didn't fill out the poll because reading their journal is interesting for me. but others, not so much. If you feel i made a mistake, leave me a comment, but i won't promise to add you back again.